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Leverage decades of experience to effectively reduce costs and streamline operations  

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Effective and Economical Services to Streamline Operations

As a title company that values thorough documentation and accuracy, you need an outsourcing partner that understands your requirements. Over 15 years of industry experience allows us to tailor solutions that address your needs, help you reduce costs and improve turnaround times.  

Here are some reasons you should outsource your operations to us.  

cost efficiency


scalability & flexibility

Scalability & Flexibility

mortgage processing expertise

Expertise & Specialization

improved processing tat


increased efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

risk management

Risk Management

access to latest processing tools

Access to Latest Tools

Tailored Title & Support Services for Title Companies 

It can be challenging to simultaneously ensure accuracy and speed; especially when you’re facing volume spikes. The good news is that you can efficiently manage these spikes without hiring and training new staff. Our team of experienced professionals can help you accurately review and validate information.  

Title & Settlement Support Services 

pre underwriting

File Intake & Order Fulfillment

Streamline your operations with simplified file intake and efficient order fulfillment process for a hassle-free experience

loan document

Title Commitment Typing

Trust our expert team to provide accurate and professional typing services for your title commitments, ensuring precision

loan setup and initial disclosures

Tax Searches

Obtain comprehensive tax search reports quickly and accurately, helping you make informed decisions with ease

generating closing disclosures

Prepare Closing Protection Letter (CPL)

Qualified professionals handle the preparation of your Closing Protection Letter (CPL) professionally and promptly, ensuring compliance and peace of mind

loan conditions gathering

Prepare Pre-Closing Disclosure

Rely on our expertise to prepare precise Pre-Closing Disclosure documents, saving you time and effort while helping you keep up with changing regulations

ordering third party verification

Order Payoffs

Simplify your operations by outsourcing to us. We can efficiently handle and order payoffs on your behalf

pre-closing quality control

Order Lien Search & eStoppel

Obtain reliable and thorough lien search reports and eStoppel certificates, ensuring smooth transactions and mitigating risks

post closing quality control

Preparing Final CD & Closing Documents

Experience flawless closings as we take care of preparing your Final Closing Disclosure (CD) and other essential closing documents with meticulous attention to detail

Six Reasons to Choose Us

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We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approach

Your business is unique and you deserve a business partner who understands your needs and goals. We offer customized solutions that cater to your requirements 

We won’t feel like outsourced labor

Your growth is our goal. Our team of expert professionals work as an extension of your local team, staying true to your agendas and values  

Access to the top tier talent for a single flat rate 

Reduce costs without compromising on quality. We offer access to skilled professionals at competitive prices 

Onshore and offshore delivery models

Our global service delivery model ensures 24X7 services to ensure you reach your goals smoothly and efficiently 

Stay on top of consumer privacy laws

We help you stay up to date with changing laws and regulations 

Complete client data privacy

We ensure that all necessary steps are taken to keep your data secure and private 

What Our Clients Say

Real Businesses. Real People. Real Success Stories

Discover How We Simplify Mortgage Growth

Centralized Operations, Reduced Unit & Operational costs, Increased Customer Satisfaction  

Mid-Sized Mortgage Banker with National Presence

Centralized Operations, Reduced Unit & Operational costs, Increased Customer Satisfaction  

Mid-Sized Mortgage Banker with National Presence

Centralized Operations, Reduced Unit & Operational costs, Increased Customer Satisfaction  

Mid-Sized Mortgage Banker with National Presence

Increase Efficiency

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Title & Settlement Support FAQs

Outsourcing title and settlement services can help you improve efficiency, reduce processing time and bring down costs so you can focus on your core competencies. Delegating to a reliable outsourcing partner will allow you to leverage the expertise of skilled professionals who will ensure accuracy and adherence to legal requirements. 

Enriched by over 15 years of experience and an independent but centralized QA team, we can help you streamline processes by identifying areas of improvement. Our team of experienced professionals conduct regular reviews and audits to ensure your business is equipped to overcome potential challenges.  

At Aritas Mortgage Solutions, we believe in operating as an extension of your organization. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach and we go the extra mile to understand your business. It helps us tailor solutions that effectively address the unique challenges your business faces.  

We helped a leading title and settlement company in Florida manage large volumes with improved accuracy and without hiring and training additional staff

Each team member undergoes rigorous training to maintain confidentiality and data security. We implement appropriate security measures and keep up with consumer privacy laws to help businesses stay up to date with the latest regulations.  

Aritas Mortgage Solutions strives to be an empathetic outsourcing partner. Our people-first approach helps us effectively leverage the combination of human expertise and optimized processes. We work as an extension of your organization to deliver tailored solutions that help you reduce costs without compromising quality. When you partner with us, you can set aside worries about poor communications, data security and privacy. Rest assured that in the ever-changing market, your business operations are in good hands 

We can help you improve customer satisfaction

Over 60% of customers would prefer to complete their mortgage applications online. 

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