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Mortgage Process Outsourcing Guide for Lenders and Brokers


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September 14, 2023


In the complex financial sector, mortgage lenders and brokers find themselves navigating an intricate web of processes to provide homebuyers seamless services. This is where Mortgage Process Outsourcing (MPO) emerges as a strategic solution. It involves delegating certain non-core tasks of the mortgage origination process to third-party service providers so lenders and brokers can optimize operations and focus on core competencies.

Why the Mortgage Business Process Outsourcing is Worth a Shot?

In the contemporary mortgage landscape, there’s an ever-growing demand for efficient, accurate and swift mortgage origination. Loan originators manage an array of tasks, from credit checks and underwriting to documentation and compliance. Mortgage process outsourcing addresses these needs by offering specialized expertise, access to the latest tools and a scalable workforce to manage various aspects of the origination process.

According to a report by the Allied Market Research, the global mortgage lending market is projected to reach $27,509.24 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2022 to 2031. The mortgage process outsourcing industry’s ability to economically deliver operational excellence has supported this growth. Presently, when the mortgage sector has been facing constant fluctuations, lenders are looking for ways to reduce costs. Some US’ leading lenders like US Bank, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo have already started laying off staff. Brokers on the other hand want to focus on gaining new clients and are seeking full processing support. Both can benefit from outsourcing operations to an experienced, third-party partner and improve efficiency without hiring more people.

In this guide, we will unravel the complexities of mortgage process outsourcing—its benefits, challenges and key considerations for loan originators. But first, let’s understand why the outsourcing industry is now integral to the mortgage ecosystem.

Unleash the Potential of Mortgage Business Process Outsourcing

Mortgage Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers an array of effective solutions that mortgage lenders and brokers can benefit from.

  • Global Delivery Network: Mortgage BPO leverages a global network of skilled professionals who can operate seamlessly across time zones enabling round-the-clock processing capabilities
  • Access to Specialized Expertise: Mortgage BPO providers like Aritas Mortgage Solutions work with experts specialized in various aspects of the mortgage origination process. You can tap into this expertise without hiring more staff
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Market trends such as the latest interest rate hike often affect workloads. Outsourcing enables you to streamline your operations by ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing mortgage processes will eliminate the need for extensive infrastructure, training and management overheads allowing you to allocate funds more strategically
  • Risk Mitigation: If you choose a reliable mortgage BPO provider, they will be well-versed in the industry’s complex regulatory landscape Their meticulous review and assessment process can help you reduce the risk of errors and penalties
  • Data Security: You must partner with a BPO provider who prioritizes data security and implements robust measures to safeguard sensitive customer information. Ideally, your outsourcing partner must be ISO 27001 certified
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: An effective partnership will allow you to streamline processes and reduce turnaround times. This will in turn improve the borrowers’ experience, leading to increased referrals and repeat business. Explore 8 ways in which your mortgage BPO provider can help enhance customer experience.

Best-in-Class Mortgage Process Outsourcing Services

In the realm of mortgage process outsourcing, a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short of meeting lenders’ and brokers’ diverse and dynamic needs. A customized approach is necessary to achieve operational excellence and differentiation. This is where we step in with comprehensive mortgage process outsourcing services.

Loan Setup & Processing Services

  • It starts with efficient loan document indexing, which meticulously organizes and categorizes documents for effortless retrieval
  • Our adept loan set up and initial disclosures lay the foundation, providing borrowers with vital loan information
  • Pre-underwriting evaluates initial eligibility, while loan conditions gathering ensures all requisites are met
  • We enhance accuracy through ordering third-party verification services and crystallize terms via generating closing disclosures
  • Our rigorous pre-closing quality control guarantees immaculate documents before the final stretch
  • Post-closing quality control solidifies compliance even after completion
  • Finally, loan shipping concludes the process, submitting files for seamless fund allocation and servicing.

Title & Settlement Services

  • File intake and order fulfillment seamlessly initiate the process, while title commitment typing ensures accurate documentation
  • Tax searches guarantee financial clarity and our expertise in preparing CPL enhances the closing process
  • Crafting precise pre-closing disclosures eliminates ambiguity, while ordering payoffs and lien searches validates property claims
  • Estoppel services provide vital insights and our meticulous preparation of final CD & closing documents ensures a smooth finale to the process

In-House or Outsourced Partners: Who Should You Opt For?

The mortgage industry, like many sectors, is affected by economic uncertainty and shifting interest rates. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage will average 6.8% for Q3 2023, according to Fannie Mae’s July Housing Forecast. In addition, with the Fed determined to meet its inflation rate target of 2%, lenders and brokers must be careful to tactfully navigate the market. In this context, the decision between maintaining an in-house processing team or partnering with an outsourcing provider becomes crucial. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of both.

In-House or Outsourced Partners - Who Should You Opt For

In-House Processing Team


  • Direct Oversight: An in-house processing team offers direct control and oversight over operations. Communication and decision-making are streamlined, allowing for quicker adaptations to market shifts and borrower demands
  • Customization: Internal teams can be set up to align with your organizational culture. It helps create a strong sense of unity
  • Immediate Access: Proximity enables immediate collaboration and response to inquiries, potentially enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction


  • High Costs: Maintaining an in-house team demands significant resources, including salaries, benefits, infrastructure and training costs
  • Limited Scalability: Matching fluctuating workloads can be challenging and may lead to underutilization or overburdening of resources when the demand increases or decreases
  • Skill Diversity: Finding experts in every aspect of mortgage processing might be challenging, potentially leading to gaps in specialized areas

Outsourced Mortgage Processing Partner


  • Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing eliminates the overhead of managing an internal team, offering substantial cost savings in terms of salaries, benefits and infrastructure
  • Scalability: Outsourcing providers can swiftly adjust their resources to match your workload, ensuring optimal efficiency during quiet and busy periods
  • Expertise Access: Partnering with specialists offers access to diverse skill sets, including underwriting and document verification
  • Access to Latest Tools: Outsourcing partners often leverage latest tools and processes driving better overall processing


  • Dependency: Relying on an external partner means ceding some degree of control over processes and decision-making
  • Communication Challenges: Geographical separation can sometimes lead to communication delays or misalignments
  • Cultural Alignment: Your partner’s approach may not align with your organization’s values and goals, potentially leading to conflicts and issues in the partnership

Choose Aritas: Your Trusted US Mortgage Processing Company

Elevate your mortgage operations with us our tailored, affordable solutions that will address your unique business needs and goals. Our collaborative solutioning approach and ensures we work as an extension of your team so you’re still the one in control of your business. Ensuring transparent communication between lenders, brokers and borrowers is our specialty. A global service delivery model allows us to provide round-the-clock services so you can efficiently meet your goals.

Top 5 benefits of choosing Aritas

  1. Affordable and Tailored Solutions
  2. Quick Turnaround Time
  3. People-First Approach
  4. Robust Quality Control
  5. Data Security

Partner with us to experience the difference. Contact us today.

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